Carbon & Environment

Most of us are aware of Climate change and what it could mean to our environment. Some of the worlds top scientists agree that CO² a man made issue resulting from greenhouse gasses emmited since the industrialised revolution. They have also concluded that the main culprit is CO² otherwise known as Carbon Dioxide.

Carbon is produced when we burn coal, oil, and gas, and pretty much everything we do in every day life uses these fosil fuels to function from boiling the kettle in the morning for a cup of tea, too cooking dinner, and driving to work. Deforestation is also a contributing factor, not only does it destroys the natural habitat for hundreds of species, but has increased the effect of global warming as there are less trees and plants to absorb the Carbon Dioxide.

What does this mean for our planet

The increased levels of CO² in the earths atmosphere have created a greenhouse effect which is warming the earth. The earths atmosphere was designed as a protective blanket to keep the earth warm however the excessive greenhouse gasses have added to that blanket making the earth warmer than intended.

It is estimated that CO² the end of the 21st century the earths mean temperature could increase CO² 1.1 to 5.8 degrees centigrade if no changes are made. If this were to happen it could be devestating for mankind and all other species.

Unfortunatly no-one can predict exactly how much time we have to try and turn this around or in fact what the true impact will be. The effects expected are:

  • Extreme weather patterns, flooding, storms, and droughts
  • Rising sea levels causing coastal flooding
  • The exstinction of many species due to their inhability to adapt to the changes in the ecosystem

We have already seen evidence it is happening, the polar ice caps are melting, flooding is a regular headline in the news around the world, and the weather is already showing signs of becoming eratic.

If we all make a small change we can have a positive impact and beecarbonfree.


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