Plant Sites

We are currently working with local councils and schools to plant the trees. All the trees purchased are donated to schools, colleges and councils that wish to get involved in plantation projects. We also donate to regeneration projects around the UK and new housing development companies.

Primarily we plant English Oak, Silver Birch, Rowan Ash and Hazel and this depends on the plant area and the time of year of planting.


Plant sites

  • "Plant site in Swansea, South Wales" - Clyne Valley Country Park is an area of parkland in Swansea. Planting will commence during National Tree Week (26th Nov-7th Dec) when it is planned that local scout groups and schools will be involved in the tree planting.
  • "British broadleaf site in Bedfordshire" - Kingsley Farm is based in the small Bedfordshire village of Langford. The Wells family have farmed the land for 5 generations and continue to look after the welfare of the land developing good farming practices. This year Kingsley farm will be planting a range of British broadleaf trees to enhance the local area which will be there for further generations and the local community to enjoy.
  • "Plant site confirmed in Cambridge" - Wimpole Hall is located to the west of Cambridge in beautiful parkland. With their help, we aim to plant 400-500 Hazels in the grounds during this planting season.

Please see below our gallery of the planting that has taken place and a list of all the places we have donated too.


If you have any land or are a business with an interest in planting trees please contact us and we will be happy to discuss a donation. The planting season for most trees is November -March so we must be able to access the land during this time.

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